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What’s New!

Companion Therapy Laser

Animal Tracks Veterinary Service is proud to add another valuable service to patients.  Our new class IV laser is considered an adjunctive treatment for pain (due to arthritis, wounds, surgery, skin/ear infections).    This non-invasive treatment improves healing and offers pain control and is tolerated very well by the patients.  

Stop in for more information regarding our therapy laser.  Therapy laser packages are available. 

Companion Therapy Laser LiteSource LLCVisit their web site


Digital X-Rays

We are excited to have upgraded our radiology technology to help better serve
our clients and patients.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

  • Provide excellent images in seconds
    and copies can be sent home if
  • Digital imaging decreases the stress
    on your animal because it is faster
    and a high quality picture is taken
    every time.
  • Digital x-ray images can be enhanced
    and manipulated with computers and
    sent directly to a radiologist if second
    opinions are needed to assist in the
  Dr. Erica Bass with Digital X-Rays