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     Animal Tracks Veterinary Service offers our Four Paw Resort Luxury Boarding
     facility with large runs and indoor/outdoor runs available. Individual, spacious
     suites with a comfortable bed and time spent in the play yard will have your
     pets begging to come back!

     Your pets will have access to our indoor doggie day care facility which will have
     various activities for them to do. A large fenced in play area will be available
     for daily exercise. Each pet will receive a minimum of 3 walks per day.

     We provide food for your pets, but if special diets/medications are needed we
     can accommodate.

     A separate cat boarding area is available away from the dogs and offers
     individual kitty condos with a view to the outside (bird feeder).

     A complimentary spa treatment (bath) is given for pets visiting for more than
     5 days. Full service grooming is available for an additional charge and can be
     scheduled during the pet's stay.

     Vaccination Requirements for Boarding: For your pet's protection, all vaccines
     must be current. Dogs must be vaccinated for Rabies, Distemper, and
     Bordetella. Cats must be vaccinated for Rabies and Feline Distemper Complex.
     Please note that many vaccines do not take effect for 10-14 days, so be sure
     your pet is vaccinated before boarding for optimal wellness. Your pet must also
     be free of internal and external parasites. Your pet is required to have a
     negative fecal within 6 months. All dogs and cats that are boarding must have
     had a veterinary approved flea preventative applied within a month
     of boarding or a Capstar will be given at the time of drop off (at the owner's
     expense), for consideration of our other boarders!

4 Paw Luxury Boarding Suite Schedule:

Click on printable schedule or requirements for boarding